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  • 1 domain

  • 5 pages optimized

  • 150 rendering per month

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/ year
  • 1 domain

  • 100 pages optimized

  • 3,000 rendering per month

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/ year
  • 3 domains

  • 300 pages optimized

  • 9,000 rendering per month

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  • 5 domains

  • 500 pages optimized

  • 15,000 rendering per month

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Traditional cache plugins mostly optimize your website code. WP BLAST works after their optimization to generate the content for the crawlers. The two optimizations are complementary and make it possible to get the best of both worlds. Acting on a whole new level of optimization, WP BLAST is 100% compatible with all cache plugins on the market.
The plugin regularly sends your site content to our servers for optimization. Each time our infrastructure optimizes a page, a generation (or rendering) is counted. The number of generations you need depends on your number of pages and the maximum cache duration you want to keep (adjustable in the plugin options). We obviously remain at your disposal if you wish to be advised on this subject.
We recommend having a 24 hours cache. This means you need around 30 times the number of pages of your website per month. For a website of 100 pages, that's 3,000 rendering.
Your website will remain functional for all of your users. You will simply not benefit from optimization on given pages. The following month, you will benefit from a new generation budget and the optimization will start again. To benefit from the full power of the solution, we invite you to upgrade your offer by choosing a higher plan. You will only pay the difference with your previous subscription.
Sure! You will only pay the difference from your previous plan.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Unlike other plugins, our solution requires running a complex server infrastructure. This architecture induces costs that depend on the traffic of the websites using the plugin. If you have specific needs, we can adapt and create a custom plan, just for you.
We are doing our best to make sure that the user experience and installation are as simple as possible. But we can still help you setup the installation, giving you a tips or two. Do not hesitate to contact us!