How it works?

WP BLAST makes it easier for crawlers to visit your website by providing a light and optimized version using Dynamic Rendering.


How Google process your website?

Crawlers queue pages to crawl. Then, they process the queue by loading each page at a time, following the closest behavior of a real user. Technically speaking, crawlers mainly use Chromium, a solution supported by Google and which power Google Chrome itself.
The analysis of the code will then be indexed by search engines and provides new pages to be queue.

dynamic rendering

What is Dynamic Rendering?

Dynamic Rendering is a solution recommended by Google, consisting in serving an optimized version of your website for robots and crawlers, different than the one served for real users. The plugin first pre-generate the content and, when a crawler is detected, provides it the optimized version. This pre-rendered version facilitates the analysis by crawlers and therefore make you save a lot of crawl budget. This results in a better SEO and better performance score.

Source Google Developers


Google point of view

Google has taken a clear decision regarding pre-rendering. They state that it’s not cloaking if the served content is the same as what a real user would see. It even goes further and Google now recommends this solution. At the end, you’re making it easier for him to crawl, so it’s only natural that he rewards you.

Source Google Developers